Scheduled for Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls w.r.t 01.10.2023 as the qualifying date
S.No Activity Period
Pre-revision Activities

(i) H2H verification through BLOs

25.05.2023 (Thursday) to 23.06.2023 (Friday)

(ii) Rationlization/Re-arrangements of Polling Stations.

(iii) Removal of discrepancies of DSEs, PSEs and EPICs.

(iv) Improvement of image quality ensuring good quality photographs, by replacing blurred, poor quality and not to specification and non-human images in electoral roll, wherever necessary.

(v) Recasting of Section/Parts and Finalization of proposed restructuring of section/part boundaries location of polling stations and gettting approval of list of polling stations.

(vi) Identification of the Gaps and finalizing the strategy and timeline to bridge such gaps.

24.06.2023 (Saturday) to 24.07.2023 (Monday)


(i) Preparation of Format 1 to 8

(ii) Prepartion of Supplements and integrated draft roll with reference to 01.10.2023 as the qualifying date

25.07.2023 (Tuesday) to 31.07.2023 (Monday)
Revision Activities

Publication of Integrated draft electoral roll

02.08.2023 (Wednesday)

Period of filing claims & objections

02.08.2023(Wednesday) to 31.07.2023 (Thursday)

Special campaign dates

Two Saturdays and Sundays within claims and objection period (to be fixed by the CEO).

Disposal of claims and objections

By 22.09.2023(Friday)

(i) Checking of health parameters and obtaining Commission's permission for final publication

(ii) Updating database and printing of supplements

By 29.09.2023(Friday)

Final publication of electoral roll